Color blindness is an inherited disorder that affects the perception of the color spectrum. It is presented by approximately 8% of men and less than 1% of women. There are 4 types: protanopia, deuteranopia, tritanopia and achromátopsia and in this project, apart from presenting them, I want to offer the different perspectives that these differences offer.

By observing the world, we decode its messages, we let ourselves be guided by our senses, including sight, with which we can appreciate color, these messages shape the way we perceive our environment and in this project I want to emphasize the change of this perception depending on the lens you look at.
In order to know if you have any type of color blindness, we suggest to visit your ophthalmologist, but we also offer you the following free and online resources.

Online Tests
        - Colorlite
        - Vision
        - EnChroma
        - ColorMax

        - We are Colorblind
        - Colorblind in Sports
        - Colorblind Vision
        - ColorADD

Color correction for color blind users
        - Visolve
        - Vischeck
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